Monday, April 28, 2008

Google App Engine to rescue my "Getting Things Done" project!

I was finally able to complete the project that I described in my previous blog :). Having been back from vacation for a couple of weeks now, I used up every single minute I had available to finish it up. It is hosted at as usual.

Now you can see that as you add tasks for projects that has a specific tag and as you complete each task, you can observe the progress at both project level and tag level. All is well so far, but the only problem is that you cannot save what you enter into the application. As I previously mentioned, I had plans on running my own local server and being able to save all my tasks on my personal computer. But that did not make any sense to me. I wrote this neat application and am I the only one to be able to use it?

Google App Engine to the rescue
Just my luck, that Google App Engine was released while on my vacation. It is still in alpha stage, but it quite usable as it is. It has built-in data store where I can store all my data and the best thing is that there is a user api to allow users to log in to Google accounts and so I can maintain state from server side :). What a cool tool and that too just in time. However the unfortunate thing is that it was released while I was on vacation and I could not get in on the 10000 accounts that Google was giving away. I signed up and have to wait my turn. But I can still get to work by running the service locally.

My plan now is to save and load data from the server. Later I will clean up the code and open source it for every one to download and modify to their specific needs. Now to start learning Google App Engine.