Thursday, March 18, 2010

XBMC / Boxee remote control android app

I have been writing a few android apps over weekends at home and during 20% time at Google. However I never actually released any of them in the android market mainly because they were quick and dirty apps that fit my needs but perhaps would not be appealing to the general public. One such app that I quickly wrote over a couple of weekends is a XBMC remote.

The media center that I use at home is XBMC and I have always wanted to have more control and faster access to my media. Using my remote to navigate through the menus is not as fast. Especially when I wanted to queue a lot of music it is very slow. So I wrote this nice little app called "XBMC remote" for my android phone to control XBMC from anywhere :).

Give it a try. Search for "xbmc" in android market and install it if you use XBMC as your media center.

When you first launch the app you will start with this screen.

You will have to setup your web server address, username and password (if required) by clicking on Menu and then Preference.

Once you entered all the information, you can click on any of the icons on the top or bottom. The image below explains what happens when you click on the various icons.

If you click on the top right icon, you will be able to control XBMC screen directly. Here is the screenshot.

There you can control playback and basic navigation. Clicking on the bottom right icon will show you what is playing on your XBMC. One more screenshot

The bottom three icons will take you to video, music and photo playlists. The screenshot below shows a music playlist.

You can delete some items from the list by clicking on the delete icon on the left of each icon. Hope you will try it out. Let me know about any bugs or feature requests.

I found out (after a comment from one of my friends) that it also works with Boxee (which is a fork of XBMC)! There are some problems with Boxee, but at least there is some basic functionality.

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