Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 2 at Google

Today again has been a very busy day. Google has this nice set of classes that all Nooglers take for the first 2 weeks. It gets Nooglers up to speed with the technologies and culture at Google. As you might have already guessed, I cannot reveal much about anything, but it suffices to say these classes are very very useful. But again there is far too much information (not that we are expected to know everything in one day, but I wanted to anyway ;-). We were given several books that are helpful in our professional career at Google. The greatest thing about Google is the work culture. I liked the fact that Googlers can work 20% of the time on any project. It lets your wander freely in the wild. No idea is too small. Actually brainstorming ideas is strongly encouraged. Engineers have a lot of flexibility even for the main project, and the mentoring is excellent. Simply put "no question is too dumb to ask" here at Google. There are no managers telling you what to do and any time someone needs help they just ask engineers if they like to work on it and never say "you have to do this". You can jump projects as often as you want, no questions asked! It helps you widen your skill set and helps you think differently...
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