Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 4 at Google

Today I decided to try out Google shuttle since I am planning to use it daily once I move to a new apartment. Obviously I wanted to try and see how a 1 hour long drive will be. Although I do not have motion sickness, people asked me to test it out before deciding to stay so far away from work. I drove about 40 miles to Danville and got on the Google shuttle. The shuttle was a very nice limo type bus with nice seats, a couple of four seats with tables between them, wifi access and overhead video displays (although no movies have been played during the ride). I tried out what I would routinely do if I used the shuttle which is basically coding and reading both books and web. All of them worked out fine. I did not feel any motion sickness, but sometimes I found it hard to concentrate on reading the small font on Dr. Dobbs magazine when the bus is shaking too much. Reading from my laptop wasn't that bad once I did a few Ctrl-+ to make the font bigger.

After reaching Google, I attended 3 more classes. Had chicken biriyani with palak paneer for lunch. Not as tasty as I expected (since it was not spicy enough for my taste) but still pretty good. Again in the evening hopped on the return shuttle. After 1 hour 20 minutes shuttle ride to Danville, I drove back to Santa Clara for another 50 minutes. What an irony that I drove from a place close to Google to a far away place only to use the shuttle back to Google. In total I commuted for 4 hours and 20 minutes today. But it was only a one day thing so it was not a big deal. The shuttle service is awesome. Right on time. No motion sickness. No waste of time. I can work during my commute. So I decided I to use the shuttle and live far away from the city :)
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