Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Q on Mac: Part III

I got everything ready. Kubuntu is running well in Q on my macbook pro. However it does not mean anything. The real test is to see if it is really usable. My plan is to start working on Freevo2 on the virtual kubuntu PC. But even before I start working on it the first question is I am not sure if I should be working on writing Freevo 2 from ground up to fit to my needs. Or should I simply use elisa (fluendo) and write a freevo plugin so that I can access all my movies and music that have been prepared for freevo (fxd file et al). I tried elisa. It is really cool I mean the UI and smooth graphics and such. But I was not able to use it to play any content. The problem seems to be with some code in elisa that twisted python does not recognize. Long story short, a ticket was opened in elisa (see to resolve the problem. Not sure if is effecting others users. May be it is my Gentoo distro. I will probably give it a try on my kubuntu machine.

Anyway I decided to try out the svn code from freevo first. But svn is not installed on kubuntu by default. But the shell prompted how I can get it. All I need to do is install subversion using sudo apt install subversion. I am starting to like kubuntu. I tried doing that but kubuntu chocked saying it could not find subversion in the repository. Since I know very little about debian/kubuntu I decided to go with some UI tools instead of commandline. I fired up adept and searched for subversion. Nothing. I understood that the software source is wrong. I fixed it by checking all options in "Adept > Manage Repository > Kubuntu software". I was then able to find subversion and installed it from adept.

Now svn worked. I checked out kaa package from Freevo. Next I needed to compile evas ( I downloaded the source and ran "./configure". The configure failed. A quick look at the config.log revealed that the gcc could not compile simple c code. The reason is "/usr/bin/ld: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory" error. I have no idea what it means. A quick search on Google got me going. All I had to do was install libc6-dev. A few seconds later I was on my way.

But not too far. Now the configure script complained that I do not have pkg-config. Installed that too. Once again configure complained that I did not have freetype2 fonts. I am pretty sure I have them. So one more Google search later I find myself installing libfreetype6-dev. Now configure is happy.

I was able to do "make". It took some time to compile but I had no problem. Now to install kaa.
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