Tuesday, January 29, 2008

QEmu on Mac: Part II

So after a bit of thought I decided not to use Gentoo, because as it is Q is very slow and I did not want to compile all of Gentoo. Instead I decided to go the easy route with kubuntu. All I had to do was to download the image and start a new virtual PC with the install image as the virtual cd. Booting the virtual PC from the CD image launched Kubuntu. So far so good.

Installing kubuntu was very easy but slow because of Q. It probably took about an hour until the installation was complete. Now I have linux in Mac. Sweet. Restarting the virtual PC and selecting boot drive to the virtual harddisk boots into the installed kubuntu. It is slow, but still usable. I can live with it.

Now to test internet. D'oh. No internet. A ping reveals that even domain is not being resolved. ipconfig reveals that an IP is not assigned to eth0. After tweaking the network settings to make use of dhcp I now have an IP. A ping resolved the domain name, however my browser still says error -- page cannot be loaded. Is there a firewall in kubuntu that is preventing access to internet? Hmm not sure what happened but restarting the virtual machine got me my internet. Almost there...

Finally time to install all my IDEs and tools.
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