Monday, January 28, 2008

VirtualBox on Mac

So I have used VirtualBox on my Gentoo machine a few weeks ago. I loved it. Very simple to use. Now I wanted to install Gentoo linux on my macbook pro laptop. I did not want to erase Mac OS, just want Gentoo running along side. I decided to give VirtualBox a try. At the time of writing this blog the VirtualBox download page says that the mac build is in beta for intel macs (, but I decided to try it any way. I am writing this blog as I am trying VirualBox to install Gentoo on my macbook pro.

1. Ok so I downloaded the .dmg and the install was a breeze.
2. I launched the app from the application folder. Oh what is this. I got a message saying that the app exited. A dialog asked me if I wanted to relaunch. Uh? Alright relaunch. Now it works. I got my VirualBox window!
3. Created a new virtual machine for Gentoo. Enter name, allocated 512MB (my macbook pro has 2GB :-)
4. Created a new virtual disk on which to install Gentoo. Allocated 10.00 GB dynamically resizing virtual disk. Click finish.
5. Now to download Gentoo minimal installation disk from (

This will take some time. I will probably continue tomorrow. Wait for my next post ;-). But wow that was really easy. It just took about 15 mins from start to finish.
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