Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome 2008

Isn't it a bit too late to welcome 2008? Well not for me I guess. I just realized I am in a new year. How fast days have moved. I almost remember nothing from the time I last posted till date. I was just too busy with all the things going in my life. Well it is not too late for anything. So we are almost 7% into 2008 and here I am once again blogging. I will try to start blogging a little more often.

This is the first time I am blogging from my Google shuttle with it's wifi. Not too bad eh? Usually I spend the 1 hour commute on the shuttle by reading wired or Dr. Dobbs or Electronics for you in the morning shuttle. And spend the evening 1 hour by watching some of the excellent tech talks that happen at Google. Perhaps most of you already know this but a lot of tech talks are recorded. I try to attend any tech talk I can, but mostly I prefer the recoded ones, because I can pause, rewind and resume when I want. Isn't that why TiVo became popular? My plan going forward is to try and do some blogging once a week (or when ever I feel like) during my commute.

A lot of things happened in the past few months and I need to record them. Just to name a few, I blew my Dell e1705's GPU just a couple of days before new year. A very sad ending to a $1600 laptop I should say. But it is not the money that blew up that hurt me. No. But it was the tragedy that my faithful laptop has died and left me alone that hurts me. Other than that I tried out the new KDE 4.0 and it is pretty good. More comments in my next blog. Then I also tried out VirtualBox on my Gentoo machine. Works great. Once again that is for another day. I built a budget media center PC running freevo for less than $500. That will probably appear in another blog then. Finally I recently tried out wine-hq and it works great, but still very slow when compared to windows games. More about it soon. Then I tried out elisa ( and sent a fix and opened a bug. So why wasn't I blogging while so many things were happening in my life? I am not sure myself either. May be I will contemplate on that and write another blog?

Huh enough rambling. I have to get to work. My shuttle is slowly approaching its final destination (my work place). I will come back with a new blog soon. And oh I forgot "Happy new year"!
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