Friday, February 08, 2008

Gaming Media Center PC

My gaming PC which also doubles as a media center is now completed. Well actually I finished working on it last weekend. I also started playing all the games I love playing. Unfortunately I became sick after the weekend and I could not blog about it. However I will try to blog the complete details this weekend (time permitting). There is one interesting twist to my plan. My PC uses linux for media center tasks and uses windows XP for playing games. Yeah I know I said I will linux for both but it so happens that wine seems to have some problems with the games I play. The games usually launch but with some tweaks. Even then I am not able to get the maximum performance from my GPU. For the $240 I would like to see all settings high and at least 30 FPS at 1280x720. More on how and why I had to switch in my next blog. I am still kind of sick and getting well. Hopefully this weekend finds me in a better state.
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