Thursday, February 21, 2008

My worst enemy - Time

I have a rather busy schedule like most people and from time to time I wish I had more time. Well I lied. I don't wish from time to time, I actually always wish there was more time. There is always something more to be done. Yet here we are constrained only by time. The list of things to do is ever growing.

1. I have to finish reading several of my magazines that appear at my doorstep every month. I subscribe to Dr. Dobbs, Wired and Electronics for you. But I did not have time in 2007 to complete any of the magazines in 2007. So now I am reading all the old backlogs. I have to come up to speed to open my new Feb 2008 issues. I am now at March 2007 issue. I have exactly 1 year's worth of 3 magazines, bringing the total to a hefty 36 magazines.

2. Then I have to work on that media player using Freevo or Pigment or what ever I decide. And then there is the matter of figuring out which one to use. Huh, will I ever be able to decide and start getting my hands dirty?

3. I still have to clean up the code in cTunes code, document it and then open source it. When is that going to happen?

4. I have to improve my wii tennis score. I have been hovering over 1100 points for some time now. Need to break to 1200. My target is 1500. Then I have to become the champion in Need for Speed - Most Wanted and Need for Speed - Carbon. I never went to the top in either games, but the plan is to get to my old score (to where I was before my old laptop died). I think I was at position 5 waiting to compete with blacklist #4 in Need for Speed - Most Wanted. And then I completed about 93% or something in Need for Speed - Carbon. Have to do it all over again. But this time I am setting the bar a bit higher, just for the sake of fun. The plan is to get the pink slip of all the blacklist drivers I beat. That should be exciting huh? Then I have to play Command and Conquer Tiberium 3, Generals, Red Alert 2, Yuri's revenge expansion and Age of Empires 3 and 2. All of which I played to victory but I intend to do it all over again with my excessively powerful nVidia 8800 GT.

5. Then I was planning on maintaining a todo webpage that I will update as I progress in my quest.

Someday I will do it all. But for now it is just wishful thinking -- I wish I had more time.
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