Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Testing AdSense and Getting Things Done

Working in Google and not having an AdSense account is not cool. So I created an account and added the AdSense page element. Looks good. Although I did not like the layout. May be I should move to a new template that will have 3 columns. One on the left with profile, one on the right with ads and middle with the blog. May be I will write one.

Anyway with the ads in place I can track how many page impressions I got on my blog ;-). Actually I should find out how to track traffic to my blog. Let me add that to my list of To Dos. Talking of To Dos I was also researching for some "Getting Things Done" (GTD) applications that will make me more organized. Lucky for me an article got published in Toms Hardware about the very topic. In it the author writes his views on various Getting Things Done With Software. After reading through the article quickly I found HiveMinder to be the most useful for me. I tried Personal Tracks too, but I guess HiveMinder is easier to work with. It has RSS feed that I added to my blog (see just below my profile). Now people can look at my tasks. Again the template could be better with nice seperation for each of my page elements. I will have to work on it and it is in my todo list. Another thing I did not like is that the feed only shows 5 tasks. I want all my tasks to show. Also I would like to have some kind of progress bar for the tasks so I can see how far I am into the task. Not sure if HiveMinder can do it.

I can tag my tasks differently like [home] or [work] and I can show RSS feeds of only my [home] todos. Thus I can maintain [work] tasks in HiveMinder which no one can see. Interesting. Very useful. Now on to finding the right GTD software for me. The features I am looking in the software are
1. Ability to have progress
2. The feed should keep showing completed tasks for a few weeks(months?)
3. Ability to add todos from my phone/email/chat. And HiveMinder does it but I have learn how.
4. Should be simple enough to use that I do not spend a lot of time adding/editing/formating/tagging my tasks.
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