Wednesday, February 06, 2008

VirtualBox beta 3 works on Mac OS X Leopard!!!

So finally, finally, finally I am so excited that VirtualBox works on my macbook pro. I felt really frustrated with the speed of Q today. I was trying to install some packages while compiling evas in kubuntu inside Q but it was so very slow. I can hardly switch apps. I don't know why but I just felt may be there is a new version of VirtualBox that will run on mac. Don't know why, I just had the feelings and lo and behold, there it is -- a new announcement on VirtualBox webpage about a new Beta 3 release for mac. Am I excited! I knew it would work on my Mac Leopard because why else would they release it? I started downloading the new package even before reading the news on the site.

While the app was downloading I went ahead and read the complete details and I could feel the happiness inside when I read this sentence from the news "The new version sports seamless guest support and live dock tiles as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes. It goes without saying that it runs on the most recent version of OS X (Leopard).". There you go. Just what I wanted to hear (see).

I installed it and of course I created a new VM for gentoo and launched the install cd from VirtualBox. It runs! It runs! And it feels so fast too (compared to Q). Just for kicks I wanted to see how Q vs VirtualBox performed. I launched kubuntu live cd from VirtualBox and Q 3 times in a row in each VM and timed them from the minute I launched to the time that kubuntu is fully loaded (with all the tasks in the taskmanager). VirtualBox took 1:28 (1 minute, 28 seconds), 1:43 and 1:28 in the 3 consecutive runs. Then I launched kubuntu live cd from Q. But even after 5 minutes kde is not completely loaded. I stopped after 5 minutes. I ran it 3 times and each time I waited 5 minutes and killed it because it was taking too long. That was enough to convince me that VirtualBox is so much more faster than Q, which is understandable since Q is more of an emulator while VirtualBox gets to use the native support from the processor (VT-x). But wow VirtualBox is soooo good. I would never use Q again after this. There I said it.

Now to install Gentoo...
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