Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mac vs PC (Vista)

Why is it so funny. Let's go over it one more time. Who do you think is better, the mac or PC (with windows vista)? Let the games begin, but before we start I am neither a mac fan nor a windows fan, I am all for linux ;)

Mac: 1 PC: 0

Well mac does not need to get all excited. Seems like mac was having problems showing the above video on a mac. You might want to stop the video after a while, otherwise you might want to kill someone

Mac:1 PC:1

Moving along, we have a series of pro-mac videos

Mac: 2 PC:1

Mac:3 PC:1

Mac:4 PC:1

Mac:5 PC:1

Mac:6 PC:1

Let's even out the odds a little bit. This is hilarious and I have to minus 5 for mac for the following video and cannot raise anything for PC since nothing good has been said about it.

Mac:1 PC:1

Finally the winner is

Mac:0 PC:0

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