Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have my eye on a new HTPC, but what does my current one look like? Here it is.

The desktop PC that acts as my apache, mysql, samba, vnc, nx, xbmc and mythtv servers. In addition it is a media player. I have to hide it behind my TV because it looks so big and ugly. But it serves me well. Even while running 24/7 for the past two and a half years, I never had a single problem. It has 2 fans, one to cool the processor and one at the back to blow the air out of the case. The fan at the back sometimes would not run after a restart and I have to kick start it by spinning the fan with my hand and it will continue to run. For this reason and also to keep the PC much cooler I have left one side of the desktop open.

This is how my media center running xbmc looks like from the front.

And here is the vnc viewer connected to my HTPC showing off mythtv tv guide.

You can see the gkrellm running on the left side showing all the vital stats like cpu, gpu, hard drive temperature, memory, cpu, hard disk, network usage etc. All in one place. Next up my future HTPC wishlist.
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