Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are there some good duplicate mp3 finders?

I have a very large music collection. Some of them are duplicates and remixes. I wanted to clean up my collection of duplicates. Being a Linux user and also cheap I wanted to search for a free software for Linux that would scan through my collection and identify duplicates. Only after searching the net for such a software did I find out how difficult it is to get something like that for Linux. A lot of the software is not free, but more importantly they are not available for Linux.

I finally found a few that were either written in java or python and so are platform independent in a way. Of those I found only two applications worthwhile and easy to use (has an easy to understand GUI interface). One of them is called DuMP3 and another is called MusicMagicMixer, both of which are written in java or have parts of java code. I am intentionally not providing links to these applications because they will become broken links pretty quickly. You can do a search for them on your favorite search engine.

Of these two applications I found MusicMagicMixer to be better. Both in terms of interface and performance. DuMP3 is very slow. I did not compare how well they find duplicates because I could not get DuMP3 to ever complete scanning. It starts out slow and then becomes even slower as it processes more and more files. Not sure why. May be I should search for the latest version and try that. Here is a screenshot of DuMP3.

MusicMagicMixer performed much better. I did not time it but I think it was able to create one fingerprint per minute. So each music file took about a minute to be scanned. The nice thing about MusicMagicMixer is that you can run a webserver and using your browser you can look at the duplicate songs. Here is a screenshot of the app running.

I will write a little bit more about how to use each of the two applications in my next couple of blogs. But for now I am happy that I was able to find some software that can find duplicates for my music collection and that works on Linux and is free!
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