Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Boxee box?

How about that? Just as I was looking for some HTPCs there are more and more options available. The Boxee box looks very nice and very different from any HTPC cases I have seen so far.

More details over at I wonder why Boxee went with d-link. What ever the reasons it does sport RF remote control, S/PDIF, RCA audio outputs, HDMI, SD, USB, WiFi, and Ethernet. All this fits into a really small package. Just look at the size along side of a coke can.

It will be interesting to see how thing will go with Boxee. Hulu created so many problems to Boxee and it jumped over all the hoops. It is time for some payback. The interface also looks neat. The Boxee media center is a fork of xbmc so we know it is powerful, well done and will play a lot of media formats.

Waiting for its release...
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