Thursday, September 29, 2011

Purchase experience with Probot

I have recently posted my purchase experience with Simple Labs. This post is the continuation of that. That same day I ordered these components from

The 4 port relay board will turn on/off any lights and fans connected to them. And the on/off state of these relays is controlled from the transmitter. The transmitter and receiver talk over a 433 MHz frequency in their own protocol.

The transmitter controls the relays by the way of 4 physical buttons or by a micro controller like the arduino board. There are 5 pins on the transmitter (one for each of the relays and one ground) which should be connected to the arduino board. When a relay pin is connected to ground, the relay on the receiver turns on. When the relay pin is open, the relay is off.

The relay requires a 12V DC supply and the transmitter requires a 5V DC supply, which also I purchased. Make sure the power supply connectors have a positive potential in the center pin. The transmitter and receiver are supposed to work over a 50 m range when they are not in line of sight. That is more than my requirement.

The purchase experience on is not bad, but it was not as easy as Simple Labs. After checking out my shopping cart, I had to do a fund transfer for the cost of components + shipping and then send the confirmation number, along with screenshot of my fund transfer transaction to probots email. I found this a bit cumbersome. The shipping was also not done the same day. Instead it took 4 business days for me to receive the package as opposed to 1 days for a purchase from Simple Labs. Overall I rate the purchase experience as average.
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